Solar Photo Voltaic Systems

We offer both Grid Connected(PV system tied to the power grid) and Stand-Alone (PV independant of the power grid)

Grid Connected Systems

Grid Connected systems will be of matched components and designed for long life. The sizing is not specific to your needs, but will offset your use of electricity from the power company. It is possible to completely offset your use. It is more cost effective to reduce your use, than to increase the size of a PV system. You also should know that with a grid-tied system, you will not have power when the electricity goes out on the grid.

Stand Alone or Off-Grid Systems

Stand-Alone PV systems are to provide power completely independent from the grid. This can be for your whole house or just for one room. This system needs to be designed specific to your needs.
If you are interested in this type of system, Contact us, we would be happy to explain how it works.
We purchase, install and service almost any kind of PV system. Because of the continuing advancement of technology, PV panel options are always changing, so what is available today, may not be available tomorrow. Contact us about your options