Solar Energy Environments Services

We Purchase, Install, and Repair all types of Solar Energy systems. We also provide construction services for Solar and energy efficient buildings. We work with both commercial and residential systems in the Colorado Front Range area.

Solar Electric (Photovoltaic):

We purchase, install and service all photovoltaic systems. The most common are direct Grit-Tied systems which often have utility based incentives. There are also battery based battery back-up, and off-grid systems gaining favor to ensure power when the utility is unable.

Solar Thermal:

These are systems that provide hot water for domestic uses and/or home heating. These systems were very common in the 1980′s due to government incentives. Many of these systems are still in operation today. These systems are much more efficient than photovoltaic systems but do not have the faster pay back due to low utility fuel prices.

Low Voltage DC Systems:

There is currently a transformation taking place in the world where lighting, entertainment, and information technologies are using less energy. With these changes there is a building awareness that the utility power is much more than the average home requires. In the future a properly designed basic home (passive solar) could be powered by 12 or 24 volts DC, needing fewer solar panels, virtually off-grid, and the home could be self managing for heating, cooling and power along with being of low cost construction as well.