Solar Spaces

We will assist in any design work, or construction including small energy efficient improvement projects, ideally utilizing solar energy upgrades.

About Solar Spaces and Energy Effecient Construction.

SEE emphasises Environments. In doing so our goal is to be involved with all environments utilizing solar energy. One large area of interest is upgrading existing homes and buildings to utilize solar energy and making them energy efficient. This is more environmentally responsible than always destroying and constructing new buildings. We also would like to replace dilapidated buildings with new energy efficient ones. These replacement buildings will integrate architecture similar to the surroundings.

We also are currently in the process of designing affordable zero enery homes to replace dilapidated homes. The design goal is to use locally available materials, along with a flexible floor plan for future expansion if desired. These are not large homes nor are they extravagent.

Both hot water and PV is part of the house. Radiant floor heating with substantial thermal storage is included. There are options for an area to heat with solar during the summer to store for winter. Cooling will be a evaporative cooler, and general ventilation will be by opening windows.

These homes are designed to be “Built-Green”, be super insulated with plenty of ventilation and light. The roofs are sloped and oriented for the greatest solar exposure

Exterior finishes are intended to be long lasting and environmentally friendly. These materials will depend upon the area and ideally will be locally produced.